Hott Links: Cool Me Down


Because ES usually comes up short in the dessert department (get on that BS!) here are some delicious treats to pine after.

Building a better milkshake [Brownie Points]

I wish upon a star… for an ice cream maker [Habeas, Brulee]

Anything with this much sugar has to be a dessert, right? [Slate]

h diddy contributed to this post.

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5 thoughts on “Hott Links: Cool Me Down

  1. ah – the great to ice or not ice your milkshake debate – I come down firmly on the no side – why try to improve on ice cream and milk?

  2. well, on sunday afternoon, after the potato debacle, i wanted a treat, so from the bottom scrapings of cookies and creme and cookie dough ice cream, i made a milkshake. but there just wasn’t that much ice cream to go around. i kinda wished i would have added some ice just for some extra volume. would have stretched the milkshakes that much farther. but yes, if you have enough ice cream, ice is not needed.

  3. not sure if you were still there – but at the beach on one particularly perfect lazy afternon I mixed cookies and cream ice cream with a splash of heavy cream and some vanilla….amazing

  4. Now that’s a milkshake that would bring THIS boy to the yard…

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