Sports: Positive Role Models Are Possible

I know. This is not where you normally turn for sports updates, but as active fans, we’ve found ways to intersect our love of balls and food.

ES friend JakeSG (and new Portland resident <tear>) sent me a PSA of sorts from the awesome Philly sports blog, The 700 Level. The White House released a video of Phillies’ first baseman Ryan Howard touring its new, totally hyped garden with chef Sam Kass.

The baby-faced slugger discussed his pre-season weight loss, explaining: “I ate a lot of organic foods but it was actually good.” This sentence cracks me up. What did he expect *organics* to taste like? Three day old fish? Howard goes on to try some of the food (“this is as raw as it gets!”) and tour the enormous space (composting is a part of the gig).

Now, I won’t go into all of the craziness that players get themselves into, but we know that’s what dominates the news. So, here is a fantastic change. An athlete promoting healthy eating. Not drugs, not bling, not violence. But checking out the presidential garden and praising the idea of changing eating habits.

And in case you can’t watch the video, here’s my favorite exchange:

Chef: This is probably the greatest achievement of this garden
Slugger: Okay, what do we have
: We got a honey bee hive
Slugger: Oh snap son