Top Chef Masters Exit Interview: Episode 1

As we say farewell to Top Chef All-Stars, we turn our attention to the newly revamped Masters. No longer will Kelly Choi grace our screens as she has been replaced by Aussie chef Curtis Stone. With him he brings the traditional format that we know and love in Top Chef — no more counting points, just plain and simple quickfire and elimination challenges — and we were in for a treat as the first episode was Restaurant Wars.

Keep reading to hear what the first eliminated chef had to say.


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Top Chef All-Stars Exit Interview: Episode 6


Ships ahoy! We had a double elimination this week on Top Chef All-Stars, for the second time this season, which certainly makes for interesting television. Before the chefs got to work in the kitchen they got to work on the boat, fishing for their own ingredients. Either the producers were strapped for cash and can’t afford all those trips to Whole Paycheck, or they really wanted to see the chef’testants work for it.

See which two chefs went overboard at judges’ table.

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