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Top Chef Masters has ya’ll missing Padma more than you might have thought. Summer:

I’m liking Kelly Choi less and less with every episode. The way she delivers her lines is grating… she emphasizes the end of every sentence to give the impression that what she is saying is SO IMPORTANT! and yet she never seems to have a valid comment to make about the food. She has none of Padma’s elegance.

– Everyone wants in on Britannia’s English Breakfast on a Bun creation. Although Lucy makes a fair point:

It’s not an English breakfast without HP and a cup of tea! Other than that it’s perfect.

– And finally, congrats to gansie on her second-place finish in the zucchini-garama masala foodie fight. Don’t miss battle #7: Pineapple and Basil. Mmmm!

PS – bonus comments of the week points to anyone who can explain what the eff is going on in the Kelly Choi pic above.

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9 thoughts on “Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week

  1. I try not to talk sh*t too much about ‘celebs’ and whatnot, and I’m told to especially watch what I say about Asian American ones, but seriously, I’ve seen her in person, Kelly Choi looks like a man. And she doesn’t eat. I don’t know if she still does the Eat Out NY segment but I watched once or twice, she interviews chefs, pushes food around the plate and goes “OMG so YUMMY” and then interrupts the chefs when they try to answer her questions. I truly do not like her. At all. Give me a slightly chubby food critic please, they can still be attractive and eat. *ahem 😉

  2. I’m not certain, but I think I see “goat toe” in that picture.

  3. There’s just something unnerving about the combination of sexy bodysuits and animal carcasses. Really, I have to say that looks a bit like serial killer porn.

  4. That creature is actually the last backdrop on Earth against which she would appear to have a normal body structure.

  5. If that picture of Kelly Choi is not a PETA advertisement – it should be.

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