Food Porn of the Day

Rio Rooftop Fried Chicken Slider

Sliders aren’t bad for you, right? I mean, they’re teensy versions of sandwiches/burgers. Or, in this case, not-so-teensy. ┬áThe good people at RIO Rooftop Bar in Austin took a giant chunk of white meat chicken, deep fried it, then stuck it on a fresh, ultra-buttery slider bun slathered with bacon jam and topped with roasted garlic aioli. They also stuck some arugula salad in there, but let’s be real. Fried chicken is clearly the star of the show here.

I couldn’t even open my jaw wide enough to get everything in one bite. But they called it a slider on their menu, so that’s the story and I’m stickin’ to it! I mean, this isn’t a fullsize sandwich, so it’s basically health food.