Do You Cook for You or Your Girl?


Ever since Maids asked the women of ES whether they’d rather eat like hungry girls or skinny bitches, I’ve wanted to pose a similar question to the XY side of the food blogosphere.

As a pretty passionate food fan, it’s always bugged me when guys subscribe to the Super Bowl commercial school of thought when it comes to cooking — i.e., we’d hardly be able to order a pizza without the help of a wife or girlfriend. Why do so many guys insist they are literally incapable of cooking? (Except of course, for grilling, which is caveman-like enough to get a pass.) Is it really possible that we males have ruled the world for millennia, but can’t operate a broiler on our own accord?

So I’m not sure whether to love or hate the new trend of food blogs I’ve been seeing — sites like the short-lived Cook for Your Girl and the newish Cook to Bang, which embrace the idea of men getting into the kitchen, but only as a means to get laid. Apparently, being a gourmet chef is now an acceptably manly thing for guys to do, but only if you’re thinking about getting in her pants while making your fancy-pants food.

Sure, they’re funny. Obviously I can appreciate the idea behind Bust-a-nut squash soup. Not to mention Get your chick under a brick chicken. And I’m not above a little chocolate seduction myself every now and then. But are we dudes really so ashamed of enjoying cooking that we have to hide behind this I’m-only-doing-it-for-the-poontang facade?  Is there something so gay about a couple of bros bonding over a bacon explosion? Or a pine nut crusted tomato tart, for that matter?

So I’m wondering: how many of you guys only cook for its leg-spreading potential? Or do you enjoy cooking on its own merits? Let’s here from the fellas…

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*Oh and before I get yelled at, I apologize in advance for the heterocentric nature of this post, but I felt the topic demanded it. ES would be more than happy to post a third in the series if anyone feels left out.

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