Top Chef Masters Exit Interview: Episode 7

Between the extra-mushy engagement dinner setup and Gael Greene’s tableside tales of hooking up with Elvis, this was certainly the most romantic episode of Top Chef Masters yet, Or as Hugh Acheson put it, “I wanted to vomit in my mouth.”

Aside: speaking of axed chef-testants, Suvir Sarar recently posted an epic, 1,000-word comment to ES expanding on why he shouldn’t have been eliminated a few weeks back. Check it out if you’re up for a pretty intense read. This week’s departing master is not nearly as angry, but does have some thoughts for us, after the jump.

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Top Chef Masters Exit Interview: Episode 1

As we say farewell to Top Chef All-Stars, we turn our attention to the newly revamped Masters. No longer will Kelly Choi grace our screens as she has been replaced by Aussie chef Curtis Stone. With him he brings the traditional format that we know and love in Top Chef — no more counting points, just plain and simple quickfire and elimination challenges — and we were in for a treat as the first episode was Restaurant Wars.

Keep reading to hear what the first eliminated chef had to say.


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