Give Me That Fish (Woo)

Although I don’t eat it often, I love fast food. Nachos Bell Grande? McNuggs? I’m there. And you know what I love more than food? Fast food jingles.

So when a particular jingle is catchy, annoying, creepy, and lasts for more than a year…I’m bound to drunkenly force someone to drive me to McDonald’s and get said sandwich.

Even drunk, I was terrified of the Filet-O-Fish. I’m really particular about my fish, and there was nothing particular about this sandwich. Some people told me they weren’t bad, but the thought of eating fried fish from a fast food restaurant made me dry heave. But I just loved the song so much I had to order it.

After a self pep talk (and some drunk photographing, see below) I took a bite.

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