Pink Ribbons Everywhere: Lay off the Eggs

Watch a football game and you’ll catch your QB decked with pink cleats. Walk through the make-up counters at the mall and you’ll notice pink lipsticks, perfume bottles and nail polish.

Susan G. Komen is everywhere. As National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October’s normal hue of black and orange now rages pink. Halloween costumes over. Pink ribbons abound.

And now, those little swirls sit atop the Eggland’s Best dozen.

We don’t have to get into the idea that this “pink washing” may not even do any good. It might not rattle the public’s attention or increase donations.

Cancer fucking sucks. Obviously.

But, seriously, lay off the eggs.

Open Thread: What Kind of Eggs Do You Buy?


Anyone sick of eggs yet? It seems not, so we’ll keep going.

Eggland’s Best recently hosted me for a breakfast-for-dinner bloggers event in NYC, and they sent us all home with not just a bag of hard-boiled eggs, but also a shitload of information about what makes their pricey eggs so effing special.

Honestly, I never think twice about what kind of eggs to buy. I think once — I look at the prices and that’s it. And while I didn’t quite follow everything the Eggland shills were trying to tell me about Omega-3s, Vitamin E, lutein and all that crap, I have to admit it got me wondering — do I need to be more of an egg snob?

Am I totally missing out by going for the cheapest eggs? Do all you egg fanatics shell out for the eggpensive kinds? Do they taste that much better than the 99-cent eggs? I mean, it all came out of the same side of the chicken, right? So is there really a huge difference?