America’s Still Got It, Folks


Breaking news from the Endless Eggs Network:

You can now buy hard-boiled pre-peeled eggs in a bag. Sandra Lee’s life just got ten times easier. So far, this new product is mostly available only in the South and Midwest. Not sayin, just sayin.

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  • TVFF April 27, 2009  

    How fucking lazy…

    Welcome to the end of Western Civilization!

  • Maids April 27, 2009  

    I’ve seen peeled boiled eggs sold in a bag like that at Trader Joe’s all over recently! I don’t think they are Eggland’s Best but I do think they are available all over!

  • 80 Proof April 27, 2009  

    I’m swelling with pride! That, and I just ate 12 hard boiled eggs.

  • ML April 27, 2009  

    I’ve seen little packs of peeled boiled eggs at WaWa…but I didn’t think it’d go past on-the-go snacks. Tragic.

  • erica April 27, 2009  

    you always could at Cash N Carry. But I don’t think they were EGGLAND’S BEST!!!

  • gansie April 27, 2009  

    okay fine. one time i bought peeled hard-boiled eggs from au bon pain.

  • erica April 27, 2009  


  • City Girl April 27, 2009  

    I just don’t understand – it really is VERY easy to make hard boiled eggs.

  • Sarah April 28, 2009  

    My roommate somehow thinks that this is a great product!!! He also cooks everything in the microwave.

  • Yvo May 6, 2009  

    Some people have trouble peeling them… but seriously, still, I choked when I saw this, and I sent out the link to 5 different people to mock them… AND I shared it on Google Reader just so I could mock people further. I mean WTF America. You can’t put water in a pot, add eggs, and turn on the flame? It’s practically BRAINLESS. Oh wait so are you. *grump

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