Endless Beers: Stone Smoked Porter WITH CHIPOTLE PEPPERS!



Are you surprised? Stone rarely provides a beer that anyone can consider “ordinary.” The smoked porter with chipotle peppers is anything but. I’ve had beers with peppers in them – habanero, jalapeño, you name it. However, every one of those beers that I’ve tried has been a “sipper.” Meaning…no way in hell can I even drink 12 oz of that stuff. This smoked porter is different. I had it in a large bomber bottle, and I was able to drink the whole thing. The brew gives the bold, distinct flavors of a Stone Porter (including vanilla bean), but then ends with a smokey chipotle kick that is strong, but not so strong that you don’t want any more. Here are the tasting notes…cheers!

APPEARANCE: BLACK – opaque, but thin, like a syrup

AROMA: typical aroma of a porter (coffee, sweet caramel), in addition to subtle hints of smoke and vanilla.

TASTE: sweet start, with flavors of vanilla and coffee, followed by strong chipotle pepper taste. However, the taste is not so strong that it overcomes the sweetness of the porter. The taste is a more balanced “sweet and spicy” kind of flavor.

MOUTHFEEL: While the beer looks thicker, it is a thin drink that goes down easy. Smooth feel overall – the spicy bite comes later. A bit of a boozy feel in your stomach as well.

OVERALL: This is one of the only “pepper beers” that I’ve been able to have a full glass of. The brew offers the typical characteristics of a quality porter, balanced out with a spicy flavor. After you are done, the taste leftover is that of….you guessed it – CHIPOTLE.

Get one while they last.

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