Sponsored Post: The Chill Life of White Bordeaux Wines

Nothing compliments the heat of summer like a glass of chilled white wine. Not only are the white wines of Bordeaux ideal for any seasonal summertime dish, they can also accompany the tranquil, warm weather that’s quickly approaching.

Now it’s easier than ever to pair your favorite summertime event with the perfect Bordeaux, thanks to the helpful Bordeaux Wine Selection tool. Select color & tasting notes, and your particular occasion for a perfect match.

Once you’ve selected the best bottle for your occasion, the ideal way to enjoy a glass of white Bordeaux is serving it chilled; between a temperature of 9°C to 12°C (48°F to 53°F). Also, take note of the year of your white Bordeaux wine, the younger the wine, the colder the bottle.

With your chilled white Bordeaux wine in glass, all that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and soak up summer.

Search Bordeaux’s white wine selection at http://www.bordeaux.com/us/wines/selection/taste/6-2-8

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