Attack of the Meme: How I Loved Food Before Meeting Your Mother

5. Drink Sour Milk

(Photo: Loud Noises)

4. Take Cooking Classes

Lily: We were gonna take cooking classes together. And we were gonna go on camping trips together. And then we were gonna sit around telling funny stories about our cooking classes and our camping trips.
Marshall: I know. So has the boat sailed on sex tonight?

(Photo: Hell Yeah How I Met Your Mother)

3. Respect the Cheese Plate Maker

(Photo: Hell Yeah How I Met Your Mother)

2. Milk Loves to Snuggle

(Photo: I’m No Beauty Queen)

1.Wear Protection When Eating a Burger

(Photo: Show Me All the Blueprints)

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  • Emily May 16, 2011  

    Bahahaha. Yeah, some may hate, but I have loved HIMYM from the beginning. Robin + Barney 4ever! Can’t wait for the season finale tonight.

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