Friday Fuck-Up: Spinach Salad with Water Dressing

Bennett, in a post-hangover primal urge, ordered a pepperoni and onion pizza. After flipping through a few cookbooks (Cook with JamieThe Ginger Pig Meat Cookbook, Cook This Now) earlier that day, I wanted to be in the kitchen. But only for a second.

I washed some spinach and let it drain in a colander. I also threw in some flat-leaf parsley and—my latest experiment—carrot tops. I’ll stop there for a second. While buying said spinach, which was next to the carrots, at Truck Patch’s stand at the farmers market, there was a whole stack of carrot tops. Without carrots.

Apparently someone didn’t want the tops, so somehow they got chopped off and they were just sitting on the table. Looking pretty sad and lonely, actually.

That’s when I remembered this article touting the uses of vegetable parts usually discarded, like cauliflower leaves and apple cores. I asked what could be done with them and the lady said “juicing.” I didn’t have a juicer, but she gave them to me anyway. They tasted exactly like carrots. I know it’s not shocking, but it was kinda weird not to be eating an actual carrot and still tasting a carrot. Almost like smelling strawberries in wine and knowing strawberries never actually touched that drink. (I just watched Sideways, go with it.)

I finally get to the fuck-up after the jump.

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Attack of the Meme: How I Loved Food Before Meeting Your Mother

With the season finale next week (of which I’ve watched only 4 episodes this season because I’m trying to catch up on 5 previous seasons), this is the perfect time to reflect on the absolute hystericalness that is How I Met Your Mother. Yea. I said hysterical. Well, I said a fake word. But still. This show is so much better than Friends. And yea, I said that too.

Top 10 Food Lessons From How I Met Your Mother

10. Don’t Go To Prison

(Photo: Hell Yeah How I Met Your Mother)

9. Answer the Door with a Cheese Plate

(Photo: Hell Yeah How I Met Your Mother)

8. Drink Peppermint Schnapps

(Photo: Hell Yeah How I Met Your Mother)

7. RIP McRib

(Photo: Hell Yeah How I Met Your Mother)

6. Cheese Curls: The Ultimate Aphrodisiac

(Photo: Hell Yeah How I Met Your Mother)

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