The New Butter

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Last week when I was sick as shit, I ate about six meals in a row that were simply pumpernickel toast with butter (with a side of potato chips and ginger ale).

Toast and butter. The simplest, most straight-forward meal. It’s all I could take. My sense of smell disintegrated with my stuffed-up nose. I needed sustenance, not outrageous taste.

But this week, as I regained taste, I moved away from butter. My slather of choice: avocado.

Gently mashed avocado can pretty much sub in for any slather. I fucking dare you to tell me otherwise.

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  • BS October 27, 2010  

    how about avo mashed up and mixed with butter? now that’s something I could spread.

  • erica October 27, 2010  

    i live on miso broth and kombu congee when i’m sick.

  • Bob K October 27, 2010  

    Swap avocado for the mayo in egg salad sandwiches. Yum.

  • gansie October 27, 2010  

    @Bob K – my only problem subbing avocado in for egg salad (and actually, i sub mustard and horseradish for mayo) is that i always make more egg salad than i can handle in one sitting and avocado just doesnt stay past 20 minutes.

    and you know what, i love avocado so much that i’m okay with its fleeting status.

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