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Nee Nee offers up our favorite solution yet for the great how to peel a hard boiled egg mystery:

This is en egg-peeling solution only for cooking solo and not sharing food. If you crack a bit off the hollow end of the egg and put your mouth around it while making a seal and blow hard for a few seconds, it loosens the egg from the membrane and makes it much easier to peel. Gross, I know, but it work really well.

A-mazing. That might have to be the official ES-endorsed way to crack an egg.

– Meanwhile, bcarter3 disagrees with Fuchs Foodie’s Top Chef dismay:

Nonsense. “Top Chef” is a game show, not a cooking lesson. Does anyone watch “Survivor” for tips on how to survive in the wilderness? “The Price Is Right” for shopping hints? “American Idol” for singing lessons?

But rose saunders expects more from the Emmy-winning Padma & Company:

On Top Chef, the contestants are “experts” in their field, not at all analogous to “Survivor” or “Price is Right,” which features everyday folk trying to excel in an arena where they have no expertise. “American Idol” is a different case, but is still not analogous to Top Chef, because the AI audience is viewing to (a) be entertained (which they can fully appreciate via their eyes and ears) and (b) see how their everyday appreciation of various performances coincides with that of the judges. Obviously, Top Chef viewers can’t taste the food (we’d like to see it, as this blog points out there is decreasing opportunity for!). The audience is viewing to learn about food preparation and food appreciation. I’ve learned a lot from Top Chef over the years, not so much this season.

– Finally, yet another Glen Beck-ite checks in to bash our Top 10 Foods Only America Could Have Invented. Tav68:

Someone needs to set this poster straight. America is actually number 11 on the list of the worlds fattest nations.
This is Directly from the UN web site. Not from some reporter who wants to bash America but from the UN who keeps statistics on this type of thing NOT used for the purpose of Nation Bashing.

Australia is the world’s fattest nation, with 36.2 percent of adults being obese.

Here are the Top 15 fattest nations according to Actual Data from the UN Web site.
Not from some nation Hating Reporter who has an Agenda.

Australia 36.2 percent
Nauru 35.7 percent
Federated States of Micronesia 35.1 percent
Cook Islands 34.9 percent
Kiribati 34.5 percent
Germany 34.5 percent
Egypt, 34.1 percent
Bosnia-Herzegovina, 33.9 percent
United Kingdom, 33.2 percent
Israel, 31.9 percent
U.S.A 31.7 percent
Croatia 31.4 percent
New Zealand 31.0 percent
Cook Islands 29.9 percent
Argentina 29.4 percent

Well I stand corrected (aside from this very reputable UN website data listing the Cook Islands at both #4 and #14). By no means did I ever mean to say that only America has the ability to make people obsecenly obese. If someone wants to tackle it, I would love to see a Top 10 Foods Only Australia Could Have Invented post.

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  • erica September 3, 2010  

    i’ll bet Vegemite would be on the list. or was that england?

  • Britannia September 3, 2010  

    @erica, vegemite most certainly was not England. I shudder at the thought.

  • Maids September 9, 2010  

    @Brit, Doesn’t england have something similar called marmite?

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