Top Chef Exit Interview: Episode 4


Things are getting seriously hot in Le Vegas this week. After the jump, our interview with the latest chef-testant asked to pack their knives and leave.


Surprise! Boy these Bravo folks love their surprises, eh? Turns out Jessie got sucker punched and kicked off after the quickfire, without even a chance to prove herself in the elimination challenge. Hector, meanwhile, probably wishes he didn’t make it to the elimination round either, after Gail Simmons and company ripped apart his hack job of a steak au poivre. ES caught up with the doubly eliminated chefs.

Jessie, how surprised were you by that sneak attack quickfire/elimination?
Fucking super-surprised. You get in that mentality of thinking, ‘well at least I’m not gonna get eliminated in this one,’ and then fucking Tom Colicchio is like, ‘ps you’re gonna get kicked off.’ It sucked.

You said last night that you were never yourself on the show. What do you wish people could have seen?
Just who I am and that I can cook. I was thrown off the whole time. It’s really hard to be yourself when you’re thrown in with these people you don’t know, and it’s in fucking Vegas, which is just fucking creepy, and you’re always under pressure. The isolation is hard too — no TV, no newspapers, no books, no Internet — I’m not that good with authority so I just didn’t deal well.

What about you, Hector? Did you think the judges’ criticism of your dish was fair?
I think that mostly they were fair. I even said myself what my mistakes were. I just ran out of time and had no other option, so the dish did get a little bit sloppy, because my goal was just to finish. The only thing I didn’t agree with was what Tom Colicchio said at the end — that Ash was getting the mentality of the assignment and I wasn’t. I didn’t know what that was all about, because I cooked what I was supposed to.

So did you think Ash should have gone home instead?
Definitely. The sauce was not on the plate. He kept using the excuse that the meat was not cooked, but the sauce was not there at all. Also, I think that our dish had a lot fewer flaws than the other dish.

Jessie, how hard was it to watch the other chef-testants cooking for all those great French chefs. Did you wish you could get in there and cook something in particular?
Yeah, of course, dude. I tell you what — I can cook a fucking…nevermind, I’m not gonna say that. I’ll just say I wish I could have cooked more. I didn’t want to go home. Balls.

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  • alicia September 10, 2009  

    This was not after the jump for those of us who use google reader. I was saving the show on my DVR for tonight, but I guess I don’t have to watch it now. THANKS.

  • BS September 10, 2009  

    hmmm…sorry about that…will have to get google reader in line!

  • Jesse September 10, 2009  

    Jesse (or is it Jessie?) has quite the mouth on her in these interviews. I wasn’t exactly surprised to see her go but they’re running out of ladies to get rid of this season.

    Hector really should just avoid steak it seems. This season is most surprising to me since there’s so clearly the top chefs and the others. Most seasons are pretty close, with a few leaving the pack but this season it’s just five people always winning.

    The whole amuse-bouche thing was interesting because I remember back in Season 3 with Clay, Tom told him that soups don’t count as amuse-bouches when he made his fruit gazpacho in an apple thing but Robin gets away with it. Seems really odd to me.

  • Liza September 10, 2009  

    I say the word balls a lot , but always with another word- like old balls, hot as balls, etc. Never seen the use of just the word balls like that… interesting….

  • Liza September 10, 2009  

    BS your next question to the next contestant that gets kicked off should be is Michael Isabella as big of a douche bag as he seems to be? Or HOPEFULLY you can ask HIM that himself because HE will be the next person to be eliminated!!!

  • MelissaMcCart September 10, 2009  

    I loved hector. so SAD he’s gone.

  • gansie September 11, 2009  

    my lord i’m impressed with jessie’s cursing ability. bravo!

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