Are You America’s Craziest Griller?


Today’s the deadline to enter the ES/Food Network How Crazy Can You Grill It Challenge.

You lazy readers are in luck, because this is probably the easiest contest we’ve ever run, and coincidentally has the best prizes.

All you have to do is email and tell us what the craziest thing you’ve ever grilled is (honor code system). The craziest griller wins an awesome grill prize pack that includes an all-clad BBQ set and a copy of Bobby Flay’s Burger, Fries, and Shakes cookbook.

Need inspiration? Check out grilling week on the Food Network or the grillin’ tag on Endless Simmer. And get those entries in now!

(Photo: McCun934)

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  • dad gansie May 20, 2009  

    a shit load of food on a three burner grille fish basket w/ salomon a holed metal pan with veggies & mushroom, 10 halved gold potatoes , bunch asaparagus, 4 chick breast, 2 slices filet mingon all rubbed with gansie special bought rubs it was some real grilling
    all es’ers …. have a safe and fun holiday weekend good cooking too

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