Who Mixed It Better? Sex and the City Cocktails

Congrats to last week’s Who Cooked It Better winner, Plaid Ninja, whose shot of Joe’s Best Burger was voted tastiest hamburger on the Internet. Anyone have Memorial Day burger stories to share? Do tell.

Moving on – if you are an American woman or gay male between the ages of 16 and 64, you’re fully aware that the Sex and the City movie premiers in theaters this weekend. And if you’re dating anyone who fits that description, you’re painfully aware of it. While I’m hesitant to promote the pop culture phenomenon that almost single-handedly turned my hometown into a stiletto-heeled amusement park, it’s safe to say this thing is gonna be pretty inescapable. Fortunately, Skyy Vodka has invented four Sex and the City cocktails to help us revel in the excitement and/or dull the pain. The only question is, which one of these sugary alkie concoctions should we whip up a batch of to get us through the weekend?

carrie-2.jpg charlotte2.jpg
miranda.jpg samantha.jpg

In the top left corner is the Carrie, aka the New Cosmo, vodka mixed with mango nectar, lime juice, simple syrup and triple sec. Perhaps one step over the line from sickly-sweet to just plain sickly, but the dried mango garnish adds some trendy points.

Top right is Charlotte’s rich bitch drink. Frangelico, Amaretto, Godiva dark chocolate liqueur (who knew that even existed but I’m sure it is great), mixed with half and half and vodka. This one’s more dessert than cocktail, but it’s hard to imagine how it isn’t tasty

Bottom left is Miranda’s power-woman drink, which uses the mixer of the moment, pomegranate juice, plus campari, vodka and lemon. Still girly, but this one actually sounds like a real drink. Almost.

Last up is Samantha’s slutty syrup, which mixes vodka with tequila (really?), lime juice and simple syrup. That combo of alcohol sounds like a recipe for puking in your mouth, although as a food snob, I have to love the white pepper garnish.

mr-big.jpgOh, and in case you’re not into the drinks-as-candy thing, there’s also a man drink, albeit a very girly man drink. The Mr. Big dulls up your whiskey shot by adding some vermouth and peach bitters. Strained through a martini shaker and served chilled.

All the recipes can be found here.

Photos: Skyy Vodka

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  • 80 Proof May 27, 2008  

    Is there an other category?

  • JoeHoya May 27, 2008  

    Mr. Big’s entry isn’t all that wussified – it’s basically a Manhattan made with Scotch instead of Bourbon and peach bitters instead of angostura.

    I’ve never been embarassed to order a Manhattan before…should I be?

  • gansie May 27, 2008  

    i choose charlotte’s – the most like a white russian

  • Erinn May 27, 2008  

    I have grown so fond of Campari, so for me, it’s a must vote! Pretty, pretty photos. It’s too early for a drink where I am (too bad) although, as my best friend says: “It’s always cocktail hour somewhere in the world!”

  • miked. May 27, 2008  

    charlotte, for gansie’s reason–the dude abides.

  • Maidelitala May 28, 2008  

    chocolate and vodka? ugh. Reminds me of all the reasons Charlotte’s syrupy sweetness bothers the crap out of me. Miranda’s seems most standard, and why recreate the wheel. As for Miranda’s creative pizazz -I can handle it: I do love lemon splashed cosmos (takes the bite off cheap vodka) and pomegranate is soooo much better than cranberry juice (which just makes me think of UTIs). The campari might be a little much though. Does it remind anyone else of the taste in your mouth when you attempt to swallow an aspirin and it dissolves a little on your tongue first? yick
    Anyway, Miranda gets my vote.

  • Maidelitala May 28, 2008  

    but here’s a thought, can the drinks be placed in spill proof glasses? martini glasses are devil’s own.

  • Robert-Gilles Martineau June 2, 2008  

    Hi there!
    Having lots of fun visiting!
    But as far as sex is concerned, I make a point to have it before food or drinks!
    Do I have to explain?
    Great pics!
    Expect more visits and comments!

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