Hott Links: Has Anyone Heard About this Top Chef Show?


Sorry to hit you with the back-to-back Bravo action, but Top Chef 4 starts in Chi-town this evening, and, hey we’re excited. As always, you can count on ES for all your TC gossip, ramblings, and of course, our world wide web famous Padma Lakshmi photo gallery.

– Bravo has a completely unnecessary and completely amazing “Which Top Chef judge are You?” quiz. I won’t tell you which one I matched up with, but let’s just say “though always graceful and poised, I can be playful when the time is right, and I bring a zest for life to everything I do.”

– There’s only one interesting question in this Grub Street interview with Padma Lakshmi, and it’s the last one.

– Time Out NY has the lowdown on Top Chef 3 winner Hung and his latest restaurant stint in NY (they also explain why he’s wearing a yarmulke).

Photo: Time Out NY

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6 thoughts on “Hott Links: Has Anyone Heard About this Top Chef Show?

  1. This is me, who am I…

    “You are bubbly and fun, but you’re also decisive. You definitely know what you do and don’t like, and you know how to get your point across in any situation.”

  2. okay! so i think there is another key Q in the grub street interview:

    Padma: Really. We read Grub Street all the time. Tom [Colicchio] told me, ”You should read this.” I read it every day.

    soooo, if padma and tom read grub street, and grub street has linked to ES, that means that padma and tom probably have at least heard of us…no?

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