Ask and Ye Shall Recieve


– Alright, ES commenters – you asked for a cooking fashion blog, so here you go: the Rachel Ray virtual fashion model doll, brought to our attention by the unstoppable crowd at Rachel Ray Sux.

– The anti-Rachel set also has a pretty great list of what celebrities would say about RayRay if they could. So if you’ve spent your days wondering what Paris Hilton, Danny DeVito, and William F. Buckley would say about Ms. EVOO, well you are in luck (also, you may have problems).

– I’m guessing none of the RR Sux peeps will be turning out to catch her serving up free DunkinD on Saturday, but if any of our Manhattan correspondents make it, be sure to report back (that means you, Mom) [TV Food Fan]

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4 thoughts on “Ask and Ye Shall Recieve

  1. wow, now just take 6 inches off her chest and put them on her tummy and it might pretty close to accurate

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