Liza’s Tips to Eating #1: The Roast Beef Sandwich


People may call some of my eating habits questionable, strange, or even gross, but if they are brave enough to try them themselves, they understand there is a purpose to my weirdness! So I’m introducing Liza’s tips to eating so that eating delicious food can be EVEN MORE ENJOYABLE!

Tip #1: Eating a Roast Beef Sandwich (as witnessed by ES’s own Gansie and 80 Proof)

Take the bun off of the roast beef sandwich (I have been doing this since the 80’s so although it is low carb, it was never influenced by any Atkin’s fad). Now, simply stick out your tongue, pick up an individual DE-LISH slice of roast beef (preferably very thin sliced), hold the edges of the slice of beef in your hands (the beef should be dangling from them) and then “flip” or “plop” magnificent strip of beef onto your tongue so it lays flat… and close your mouth and enjoy! And do this with every piece until there is no more meat! If you’re still hungry, eat the bun! And THIS is how you eat a roast beef!

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