Week One: Endless Wing-Off

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Endless Readers –

So we learned a couple things from Week 1. Andy Reid is an idiot, the Redskins, Giants and Cowboys are all very hate-able, and mostly, Andy Reid is an idiot.

Nonetheless, we were also reminded that buffalo wings are damn delicious.

Further, at my spot in Fredericksburg, a slight twist to the Bleu Cheese was introduced, and I gladly welcomed the new “spice” (to be revealed next week.) This was not just a clever twist to the wing-eating experience; it rocked my world.

Two MNF games last night certainly made for a healthy week one, but next week the stakes are raised as there is less football hours over the course of the weekend.

Post jump, my totals and a few more thoughts

1) 12 beers
2) 8 wings
3) 1 cheese steak
4) 1 basket of chili cheese fries
5) 1 “How many vegetables have you eaten in the last month?” comment
6) If announcers continue to jerk off Brett Favre when he gains no yards and scores 0 points I’m going to hold the entire state of Wisconsin hostage. He’s washed up, he’s ineffective, get over it.
7) Andy Reid is an idiot.
8 ) No one cares about your fantasy team.
9) Report: Several MLB teams continue to play despite the start of the NFL season.
10) Buffalo Wild Wings should allow you to mix and match sauces with the 8 piece boneless buffalo tender order, I mean, c’mon, we’re only human.

Click here to figure out yours and leave in the comments section.


gansie contributed to the link portion of the article; photo from Eagles vs. Ravens circa 2004


Chart added by 80 Proof:

Week 1 Chart

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8 thoughts on “Week One: Endless Wing-Off

  1. Sad, sad weekend for ol’ Lipscomb. Actually, great weekend at the beach. But sad, sad performance in the wing-off.


    4 Wings
    4 Beers
    1 Sheppard’s Pie

    80 Proof, I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  2. Come on now–the Favre comment was a lil unnecessary. Just cause they won… He’s still a professional athlete at age 37, in a sport, where most retire by the time they are 30.

  3. I blame the Jersey Shore too. I promise to do better next weekend!

    7 wings
    3 beers
    1 bag of potato chips
    = 0 points

  4. RE: Favre – we should never judge Wisconsin without taking into consideration the state’s historic contributions to the world of fried food and beer.

  5. MLB? Ah yes I vaguely remember. Are the Phillies still playing follow the leader with the Mets? I grew tired of that horse shit. Favre— ah Im too bitter to comment, I may regret it. Reid is moronic. And tack on 6 more beers for a cool 195 pts!!! I declare myself the leader.

  6. Do Nachos count for any points? How about Crown Royal? If not, I had a crappy weekend as well, but I blame it on the two above substances.

    If I come to DC this weekend, I’ll do my best to make up for it.

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