The Butter Diet


While our friend h diddy was cheating on us and checking out another blog, Elastic Waist, she happened to stumble upon the most a-mazing recipe (scroll down to “Them’s Good Eating, Y’All” for the link.)

And when I say “a-mazing,” I mean absolutely fucking rediculous.

It’s of course from Paula Deen. The recipe: FRIED BUTTER BALLS.

Can someone please make this and send me one!


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  • BS August 8, 2007  

    ….and america finally reaches it’s creative peak – fantastic linkage, gansie

  • MonkeyBoy August 8, 2007  

    I’m pretty sure I saw Homer Simpson do this once. Or maybe that was just a waffle wrapped around a whole stick of butter.
    Either way, I’m so in.


  • JoeHoya August 9, 2007  

    MonkeyBoy forgot the Liquid Smoke and the caramels, but this definitely has a certain “Moon Waffle” quality to it.

    I really thought this was a joke at first…but it’s really just classic Paula Deen.

  • rooms August 11, 2007  

    EWWWW!!! I think I got fatter just reading that recipe. Why don’t you just stick some corks directly into my coronary arteries. It reminds me of the deep fried Snickers bars I saw at the Blue Hill county fair.

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