Attack of the Clones!

Dogtoberfest Stove Topper

Every so often, homebrewers have that moment when they taste some great suds and begin scripting a recipe that they hope will produce the same results as the craft beer being enjoyed. So begins the search for a clone recipe. Sometimes third party clone recipes are available, and if you’re lucky, a brewery may release a recipe. After all, many brewmasters and craft beer CEO’s started as homebrewers.  Now, the next wave: Flying Dog Brewery is releasing their own clone kits – STOVETOPPERS.

These kits include EVERY ingredient needed to brew an all-grain batch of beer (even the yeast!) All-Grain: you create the extract from the malt and then add all of the other ingredients that you would to an extract brew or extract/specialty grains brew (all grain = do it like the pros do).

Flying Dog Brewmaster Matt Brophy explains “Homebrewers spread the gospel of craft beer through their craft and ours, so I think breweries have a responsibility to foster and inspire the homebrewing community.” Agreed.

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