The New Paper vs. Plastic Debate


I’m used to press dinners. And they’re almost always the same. Food. Drinks. Chatter with writers. Drunk. Stuffed. Repeat.

Last night I was invited to a preview performance of A Tactile Dinner. I mistakenly thought it was a press dinner. I don’t know much about the Futurism movement, besides what I soaked up during college Art History classes, but what I do know is this was NOT the “press dinner” I was used to. It was way more performance than food (audience forced to eat with one hand–no utensils, and play a music box with the other), but an experience nonetheless.

Regardless, check out the photo above. It’s a fucking box of water. What looks like it should be filled with Hawaiian Punch is actually filled with freaking water. Is this the new paper vs. plastic debate?

Event details post jump. And please excuse the bare nails. But, ps – have you checked out my new fav blog?!?!

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