Top Chef All-Stars Exit Interview: Episode 9

I don’t care if Jimmy Fallon is some douchey talk show host now. I will always love him for always breaking character on Saturday Night Live.  Fallon celebrated his birthday Top Chef style by tasting and judging dishes from our beloved crew of All-Stars.

Be ready to wipe your tears. A true character packed their knives this week.

(ed. note – Fabio was driving on the freeway to the airport during this call, and that, compacted with his strong accent lent itself to a fairly incomprehensible interview. Here’s my best interpretation of the Italian’s thoughts on getting the boot.)

You’ve been a very popular character with the Top Chef fans and family. What’s it like to be a part of the organization?
Fabio Viviani: It’s done much for me. It’s good exposure. We’re all looking for exposure, it’s the number one reason why we signed on. Bloggers need exposure…so does Top Chef, NBC, even Colicchio likes exposure. He doesn’t do this because he likes to judge a bunch of pirates.

Have you ever made a hamburger before?
No, no need for it. So now I guess I’m learning. I went to Richard and said “Blais, how do you make your burger?” I made what he told me to do. It doesn’t matter. Burger is a burger.

It was discussed last night that Richard keeps helping people out. What do you think of that?
Blais will do anything to win this competition. I don’t think he would go out of his way. He did help me out. I think Mike Isabella is a great guy. I think Angelo is a camel toe. He wears his pants a little too tight for my taste.

What do you think of Top Chef All-Stars? What was your favorite challenge?
Best of the best. Challenges harder, judges are tougher. Except for Gail, she’s always a sweetheart. Besides Restaurant Wars, it was the dim sum. Welcome to the land of opportunity, dim sum style!

There was a sort of back and forth with you and Anthony Bourdain. What do you think of him now?
I LOVE, put it in capitals, I LOVE him. He’s a fuck nut. I love him. He just said his one liner about the wrong guy. I talk to him after, I talk to his wife, they’re good people.

(Photo: Bravo)

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  • BS February 11, 2011  

    I love that he told you to put something in capitals. Did he learn how to say burger, or was he still saying “booger?”

  • dan February 11, 2011  

    best interview ever? judge a bunch of pirates? wtf?

    But I have to stand up for Jimmy Fallon, I actually didn’t like him that much on SNL, but late night is awesome, I watch it almost every night.

    One day Fabio will make him a booger so good he will get down on his knees and thank him.

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