Fall TV Frenzy! Pairings for Your Favorite Shows

The arrival of fall brings us the return of many of our favorite shows. Some enjoy the comedies, the cheesy chick flick(ish) shows, and others the thrillers. Regardless of what show(s) you prefer – they’re back! Several hours will be taken away from the time you thought you had in your day as you stare at the tube losing brain cells. The least you can do is feed your body with tasty food and beverages. For you we polled our trusted ES focus groups ourselves to determine the shows that we are looking forward to watching most, pairing them with our own crazy dishes. Plan some parties with your several friends and impress with creative themes and pairings. You’re welcome.



FOX – New Girl

A show about a girl living with a bunch of dudes (and her ex) but somehow they all get along. Crack open a pumpkin wheat beer that everyone can enjoy together and put together (or order) a buffalo chicken pizza. While some biased people out there liken beer and wings to men, there are plenty of women out there that enjoy it too. Like Jess, find common grounds and dig in.

Drink: Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat

Eat: Buffalo Chicken Pizza



FX – American Horror Story

Always a little creepy, and typically even more disturbing, American Horror Story merits something that will take the edge off while watching. The Séance Saison is a fall seasonal that adds fall spices to the mix to get you in the spirit. Also considering the fact that this year’s season’s theme is circus, we thought the best meal to pair with the theme would be circus food: corn dogs and some air popped popcorn.

Drink: Séance Saison

Eat: Corn Dogs with Popcorn



ABC – Modern Family

Modern family brings together all kinds of different people and somehow Al Bundy ends up giving us a life lesson in the end. Why not celebrate getting people together with a nice dry wine and a family style meal?

Drink: Malbec Red Wine

Eat: Family style – Stuffed Shells



FOX – The Mindy Project

The Mindy project is about a girl that would love to live the fancy life of a wealthy doctor while in reality she can barely keep it together. What better to fulfill the false reality of a wealthy and classy lifestyle than a cosmopolitan and some wings?

Drink: Cosmo

Eat: (Bacon) Hot Wings OR Buffalo Chicken Dip




AMC – The Walking Dead

BRRAAAAIIIINNSSSS! With flesh dropping to the ground, blood oozing out of various orifices, and critters crawling out of skin, who isn’t hungry?! Start off with a drink who’s name matches the show’s title – the Southern Tier Pumpkin Stout Warlock.  Dinner should include a red meat…but something you can eat with your hands – steak kebabs anyone? Grilling season is never over anyway…

Drink: Southern Tier Warlock

Eat: Steak Kebabs



FOX – Red Band Society

The fiancé started watching this one. We compare what actually happens in hospitals compared to the chick flick concepts portrayed in the show. The show highlights a group of friends that would otherwise hate each other that creates a special bond in a hospital. To drink, tip back a Punkin beer cocktail for something fun to as you become depressed and realize that these children are going to die. Meanwhile, munch on crunchy black bean tacos with your own quirky group of friends.

Drink: Punkin Beer Cocktail

Eat: Tacos



FX – Sons of Anarchy

A bunch of bad ass motorcycle dudes deserve a bad ass drink and dinner. Whiskey is a guaranteed bad ass drink – add the sweet pumpkin spice and make it your dessert as well. As for what to eat – you can’t go wrong with a large, juicy, loaded burger with LOTS of bacon on top.

Drink: Pumpkin Spice Whiskey

Eat: Burger


CBS – The Big Bang Theory

The anal, obsessive compulsive Sheldon Cooper constantly demands the perfect mix, cut, and preparation of his Chinese food. Unless you live with your own Sheldon Cooper, you don’t need to worry so much when preparing dumpling soup to watch the show. If you do live with your own Sheldon Cooper – good luck. To drink, a “hot beverage” is often offered to the company in the Cooper/Hofstadter household. We just took it to the next level with hot tequila apple cider.

Drink: Hot Tequila Cider

Eat: Dumpling Soup

The Middle


ABC – The Middle

We love the Middle! Such a crazy family barely able to keep it together deserves crazy drinks and food. The Heck parents typically have a sour face on at least a few times in one episode, so we thought a sour/trappist style beer would suit the show. When it comes to food, there isn’t much the Heck family eats that is not take out food, so have some fun and create a good “fake out take out” dinner!

Drink: Sour/Trappist Pumpkin Beer

Eat: Fake out take out

The Blacklist



NBC – The Blacklist

James Spader makes you want to like the “bad guy” as Red.  No matter what, he is always wearing a classy suit and hat. A classy man like Red surely enjoys a cocktail here and there. With all of the crazy nicknames and people he knows, a crazy cocktail is in order: the Moscow Mule. Finally, since he is so classy and expensive, add some high quality lobster to mac and cheese in true Red style.

Drink: The Moscow Mule

Eat: Lobster Mac and Cheese


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