Top Chef All-Stars Exit Interview: The Winner

Poor Padma & Co. could barely make up their minds in this squeaker of a Top Chef All-Stars finale. The judges insisted that both of our finalists were deserving of the TCAS crown, but of course only one of them could take it home. We talk with the chef-testant who topped all the other All-Stars, after the jump.

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Top Chef All-Stars Exit Interview: Episode 9

I don’t care if Jimmy Fallon is some douchey talk show host now. I will always love him for always breaking character on Saturday Night Live.  Fallon celebrated his birthday Top Chef style by tasting and judging dishes from our beloved crew of All-Stars.

Be ready to wipe your tears. A true character packed their knives this week.

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Top Chef Exit Interview: And The Winner Is…


We say farewell to yet another season of Top Chef, and can I for one moment say I’m thankful for that — perhaps not the most exhilarating season in its history. Sadly, the most thrilling part of the final episode was not who won but who returned, oh Michael of the Voltaggio brothers. Small mercies!

For their final challenge, Angelo, Ed and Kevin were tasked with making the best four-course meal of their life — what else were they going to make, pea puree?

Continue reading to see who won and what he has to say about his time on Top Chef.

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Top Chef Exit Interview: Episode 8

Top Chef

It only took 8 episodes for the producers of Top Chef to show some true love to DC. Not only did they focus on our fascination with Ethiopian food, they also sent a hefty $10K donation over to DC Central Kitchen, in the name of José Andrés. I tip my hat to you, Bravo.

Keep reading for what this week’s loser has to say.

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Top Chef Exit Interview: Episode 7

The Palm

Our man Brit was live at The Palm DC last night, where one sniveling, pea-stealing Top Chef-testant had their portrait unveiled on the walls of the restaurant. But of course, one other chef had to pack up some knives and leave. We hear from them, after the jump.

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