Contest: Where Will Obama Eat Next?


Forgive me for being a bad citizen, but as far as 2009 politics go, I’m totally bored by all this talk about back taxes and stimuli. Honestly, I could go for another campaign. Where’d that mooseburger lady go anyway? She at least made things interesting. Eric Cantor is like, the most boring nemesis ever.

But there is one DC hot topic that all ESers are of course enthused about — where Mr. O is eating. Dubya didn’t visit a single Washington restaurant during the entire last year of his presidency, but Obama is already making the scene around town and drawing shrieking, Beatles-esque crowds wherever he goes.

During Inauguration week, Britannia spied him at Ben’s Chili Bowl — the first obligatory stop for any DC pol. But Michelle questioned Barack’s DC fast food expertise by taking her own trip to rapidly-growing burger chain Five Guys.

Spies say Obama has also been seen at romantic White House-area restaurant Equinox and solid-if-boring standby Bobby Van’s Steakhouse.

So we’re inaugurating an ES challenge: Who can guess which DC eatery Obama will visit next? The first round odds:

2:1 – The Source. Reportedly one of Obama’s favorite DC restaurants from his Senate days. Will he make an appearance at Wolfgang Puck’s place as the Prez?

EvenAny other typically lame power lunch spot. Charlie Palmer Steak, The Palm, Cafe Milano, etc…

4:1 – Art and Soul. Speculation ran wild a few months back that bams would tap Chi-town native Art Smith to helm the White House kitchen, but he stuck to bipartisanship instead and kept Bush’s chef. Will he make it up to Art with a trip to his Capitol Hill eatery?

8,000:1 – Red Sage. Gained fame as Bill Clinton’s fav Washington haunt. Barack yearns to be his own man, but can’t seem to escape the Clintons. Editors’s Note: I’m an asshole. Thanks, commenters. Keep guessing!

17:2 – Good Stuff Eatery.  Having already shown their affinity for burgers and dawgs, will the Obamas go for the DC fast food trifecta and stop by Chef Spike’s CapHill burger joint?

20:1 – Jumbo Slice. He can only resist for so long.

What are we missing? Cast your guess in the comments below, and win by being the first one to guess where Obama’s next DC culinary stop will be. Odds are for fun only, but you get extra points for picking somewhere not already mentioned. You can only win by picking the spot the man himself visits; just Michelle and the girls don’t count, and you have to pick somewhere he hasn’t already been as President.

Obviously, the pride and glory should be prize enough, but we’ll likely dig up some cool goodies for the winner as well. Voting is open until the moment the next Obama DC restaurant sighting is reported.

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  • Maids February 17, 2009  


  • chris February 17, 2009  

    Red Sage at 8-1, eh? Thats pretty good odds for a resaurant that closed last year.

    I’ll guess it’ll be taking the girls out for pizza at the notoriously kid friendly 2 Amys

  • melissa February 17, 2009  

    the carcass of red sage?(:
    founding farmers.
    oval room.

  • gansie February 17, 2009  

    will show economic restraint in going to the less expensive michel richard restaurant.

  • Justin February 17, 2009  

    Ristorante Tosca or Oyamel

  • miked. February 18, 2009  

    Meskerem, Dukem or some Ethiopian joint–we do have the largest community in the country, right?

    After that Haydee’s in Mt. P

  • Eick February 18, 2009  

    I think an Ethiopian place is a good guess. I’m going to go a different route: Agraria – shows Barack’s commitment to family farms and responsible farming.

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  • Maids February 18, 2009  

    Ethiopian! Of course. Although that might piss off the Eritrean population…. not to mention his kenyan relatives. He might be safer with a generic “East African” joint like Safari (would Obama go out to petworth? not swanky enough perhaps?) or perhaps he’ll go to an Indonesian joint like Sabang in Wheaton MD……

  • miked. February 18, 2009  

    he better go somewhere in petworth before effing wheaton

  • Gee Money February 18, 2009  

    Michelle O. and Michelle Fenty were spotted at Georgia Browns downtown a few weeks ago.

    But I’m sticking with an Ethnic Theme, but bringing it home.


  • BS February 18, 2009  

    @mike d – agreed, although electorally speaking it’s NoVa he’s most indebted to – maybe we should be guessing out there.

  • Rubygirl February 18, 2009  

    Old Ebbitt Grill close to his home or maybe Oceanaire for a seafood fix

  • suicide_blond February 18, 2009  

    central… is my guess too…

  • Johnna Knows Good Food February 19, 2009  

    Art and Soul sounds like a winner to me!! Hahaha

  • jb February 23, 2009  


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  • Britannia March 2, 2009  

    Florida Avenue Grill for Sunday breakfast, at least once, it really is something special.

  • Mrs. Joe Hoya March 3, 2009  


  • Kate March 6, 2009  

    No guesses for Cafe Atlantico yet? Ok, I guess Cafe Atlantico.

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