100 Things to Do With Peanut Butter

You most likely learned long ago that peanut butter ain’t only good for PB&J sandwiches. George Washington Carver’s greatest invention can in fact spruce up everything from drinks to desserts. Actually, we’d be hard-pressed to come up with a dish that wouldn’t be better with a little Skippy. Peanut butter chili, peanut butter broccoli, peanut butter ice cream and peanut butter cocktails — it all works. Folks, there is peanut butter tuna salad to be found on this list. No lie.

Sincere apologies to those with allergies and all you non-Americans who just don’t get it. Otherwise, enjoy our list of 100 things to do with peanut butter:

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  • Emily February 23, 2012  

    I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER. In college we used to make peanut butter & hummus sandwiches on whole wheat bread. It was amazing, I don’t care what anyone thinks.

  • Blog is the New Black February 23, 2012  

    Ummm… I am drooling!

  • Blog is the New Black February 23, 2012  

    Ha! And I JUST noticed that you linked to my parfait. Thanks!

  • hold the phone March 1, 2012  

    Where are the spicy peanut butter thai noodles!!!!!

  • BS March 1, 2012  

    @hold the phone – see 10th row from the bottom…got beef, but of course could be adapted

  • Nikki May 22, 2012  

    OH MY GOSH…I’m drooling.

  • Jake June 8, 2012  

    One thing I have done in the past year, I have started putting creamy peanut butter on my burgers. Like a spread, put one layer of peanut butter on the bottom bun, add all of your normal ingredients, it gives it another kick of protein, and layer of creaminess while you bite into that juicy patty!

  • Necboy chuks October 31, 2013  

    I really do love peanut butter even though not an American. A Nigerian that i am, enjoy eating peanut butter with garden-eggs.
    I was already making my own groundnut recipe when i thought i could get some tips from here.
    Its fascinating by what i see.

  • ERWK November 11, 2013  

    All yiunon-Americans who don’t get it???? Seriously? Because peanut butter is only found in America? How ignorant of you!

  • ERWK November 11, 2013  

    All you non-Americans who don’t get it???? Seriously? Because peanut butter is only found in America? How ignorant of you!

  • Lala November 14, 2013  

    I just tried making the normal PB cookies on the back of the Kraft can and I burnt it and it was still watery….REEELY watery!!!!! I think it’s cuz I sprayed PAM on the baking pan thing

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