Another Win for America

Evanston, Illinois fast food restaurant Wiener and Still Champion (awesome name!) is already locally famous for their hunky cheeseburgers, fresh-cut french fries, and bacon-wrapped hot dogs. But now they’ve added a new menu item that deserves national attention.

For an extra charge of just $1.50, any burger on Wiener’s menu now comes with a thick patty of  deep-fried gravy. The golden-brown crust of the patty adds a big crunch to the burger, and then on first bite, the hot gravy comes oozing out all over everything, ensuring each bite remains juicy and gravy-licious.

Bravo, Wiener. Bravo.

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  • Russell Warnick February 17, 2012  

    America’s Best Sandwiches 2012 honorary member.

  • the food dude February 18, 2012  

    Awesome burger! And cool resto name too!

  • Jacob Estes February 23, 2012  

    The ads on your site are fucking up the layout. When they load, your content disappears. Some navigation and this comment box remain, but the picture of the burger and (I assume) the article that goes with it disappeared.

    I’m using Win 7 / Chrome.

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