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edible flowers

– Me thinks foraging for edible flowers is the next locavore food trend. Jakesg:

I was camping out at a friend’s farm near La Center, Washington (State) earlier this summer and when we all awoke he had prepared a breakfast of squash flowers. They were breaded and stuffed with an amazing omelet. Uneffinreal.


i don’t know about marigolds, but i freaking love nasturtiums.

– Are rice cookers cheating? ES readers say no way. Summer:

Using a rice cooker can’t possibly be considered cheating! Rice cookers are standard equipment in Asian kitchens, so in my opinion, it’s not cheating any more than it would be cheating to use an electric stove to boil water for pasta. I dearly love my rice cooker, and use it several times a week.

– And of course every ESer has their own theory about who got Padma Knocked up:


Could be one of the Top Chef Brothers?


Maybe she got back together with the hardee’s burger

80 Proof:

I blame the Glad family of products.

(Photo: Panavatar)

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  • Summer October 2, 2009  

    Is it too late to submit a Pregnant Padma Conspiracy Theory? While I was cooking dinner* last night, I put two and two together and realized that Kelly Choi sacrificed a goat in a black magic ritual designed to hex Padma into a pregnancy that would prevent her from hosting the next season of Top Chef. With Padma bloated and out of the way, Kelly intends to take over the role of emaciated food competition show host.

    Doesn’t it all make sense now?

    Don’t fall for Kelly’s evil ploy, Top Chef producers. Take a cue from Heidi Klum, and let Padma keep hosting no matter how huge she gets!

    *Dinner was Thai curry. For some unknown reason, I was really craving it.

  • gansie October 2, 2009  

    phenomenal theory!

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