Breaking Gossip: Padma Expecting Mini-Padma

padma lakshmi pregnant

Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah. Stop the presses. Or whatever the online equivalent is. Keep the presses going, I guess.

Grub Street points us towards the “Moms and Babies” section of US Weekly’s website (yes, it’s an entire section), where the latest item is about close friend of ES PADMA LAKSHMI. Yes, it’s what you’re thinking:

Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi is pregnant, her rep confirms.

So much to discuss! What does this mean for her sitcom deal? When will the Top Chef-testants have a “cook for pregnant Padma challenge?” Where is she registered?!?

Oh right, the gossip part. US goes on to call Padma’s pregnancy “nothing short of a medical miracle” due to her endometriosis (unclear exactly how much of an exaggeration that statement is). But furthermore:

The baby’s father has not been revealed. Online reports have speculated Manu Nathan is the dad, but her rep denies that, telling Us he’s¬†Lakshmi’s cousin.

Weird! I had no idea Padma was dating her cousin. Or that she was back together with Rushdie! Or that the baby is Bourdain‘s!

Feel free to continue unsubstantiated rumor-mongering in the comments.

(Photo: Us)

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