Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week

– Some of you mac ‘n’ traditionalists are having none of our mac ‘n’ cheese gone wild, but sam henderson is up for mac ‘n’ anything:

For me, there are few things in life as comforting as mac and cheese. I never met a mac and cheese I didn’t like. Had never considered an omelet, but I’d try just about anything once.

LeftLeanWing brings up a good point:

No Mac-N-Ches­se Ice Cream….. ?

Get to work on that one, people!

bunbun adds a new one to our list of America’s best drunk college food:

How could OSU’S hound dogs breakfast pizza not be on there?

Cmon a a pizza topped with sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, cheddar cheese, onions, tomatoes, crispy hashbrowns and hot sauce. With a garlic butter basted crust….?

Um, yes. Can anyone provide photographic evidence of this abominable breakfast pizza?

– Finally, every time we feature a Friday Fuck Up we inevitably have a few of you telling us to keep our dirty mouths shut, so we decided to put it to a vote over on facebook, asking should Endless Simmer continue to use the F word? So there’s your chance to change the world — go vote now. And if you haven’t yet, please be sure to like ES on FB.

(Amazing photo of the week: weelakeo)

Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week

Patty H. is lovingly concerned for those peeps in a jar:

Love it! Made me smile, but then, just as I clicked to leave the site, I thought “Oh no, I bet they can’t breath.” So, just wondering about maybe some holes in the lid.

We’ll make sure they’re safe. PS — an ES sneak preview — next week we’ll be featuring different ways to cook with peeps. Have any ideas? Send us your links.

– Hope everyone has made good use of our 100 ways to cook with sriracha post. Michael Birchenall of Foodservice Monthly checks in with a 101st recipe:

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Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week

We were feeling particularly gluttonous this week with Britannia‘s Mac ‘n’ Cheese Grilled Cheese and Forkitude‘s ultra gooey Peanut Butter and Jelly.

But first. From last weeks FUB, after Sweet Fiend asked what kind of alcohol she should bake with next, we had Kim declare gin. We asked for some more ideas and Beatrice came to the rescue. She sent us Molly Wizenberg’s recipe for Sauerkraut with Gin and Caraway. Thanks, Beatrice!

While JoeHoya thought this looked like a gift from CiCi’s (and why would he know that!), most everyone else appreciated the pure genius of cheese-on-cheese and carb-on-carb. I like Alessandra‘s dramatics the most:

Wow, I opened this email up and literally smelled the mac n cheese. Only 2 hours till lunch, only 2 hours till lunch…

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Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week

– First things first: our sincerest apologies for missing the national holiday that took place earlier this week. erica:

I have to say, i’m slightly disappointed at ES’s lack of National Chip n Dip Day coverage. (not to be confused with National Chip Day). I’ve been thinking of some Tim’s dipped in that olde sour-cream-lipton-onion-soup-mix dip stuff ALL DAY.

We promise to celebrate belatedly this weekend.

– Not surprisingly, ESers were quick to take up Sweet Fiend’s query on what kind of alcohol she should bake with next. Kim:

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Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week

– Everyone seems to like this week’s food chart meme, although not my name has a problem with the guide to eggs:

Really great collection. I liked it except for the bit on the cage-free/organic egg thing. Organic farms don’t necessarily treat their hens any better, and the certification “cage-free” is really misleading. The hens can still be in awful conditions (cramped, gravel yard with no grass, beaks clipped when chicks, males killed at birth, etc.) Just thought you’d like to know.

– Aussie EMD offers some updates to the Top 10 Foods Only Australia Invented:

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Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week

– You guys and gals seem to commisserate with Alex’s five stages of a bad meal. Lora:

Totally cracking up over this. I have a similar post (still unposted!) about the incredibly frustrating process of making French Macaroons. Great minds think alike :-)

Yes! Let us know when that’s up, Lora. Have we started a new food meme? Five Stages of…

– Thanks everyone for EVEN MORE suggestions on America’s best new sandwiches. Heather:

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Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week

dan adds to our list of the top 10 food tattos:

you forgot about Gucci Mane’s sick face tattoo of ice cream shooting lightning bolts

BURR! http://www.rap-up.com/2011/01/13/gucci-mane-scoops-ice-cream-tattoo/

And Alison Murray expands the top 10 australian foods:

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