Hott Links: RIP Nacho Queen


As clear nacho fans, Endless Simmer wishes to celebrate the life of Carmen Rocha, the woman credited with bringing this staple snack to gringos everywhere:

For a special treat Rocha sometimes went into the kitchen and made her customers an order of nachos, an item not included on the menu. She followed a recipe she learned in San Antonio, where she grew up, layering tortilla wedges, shredded cheddar cheese and slices of jalapeƱo pepper, warming the dish in the oven. Before long she had requests from all over the dining room and her nachos were added to the menu.

Thank you, Carmen, for showing the world that melted cheese truly changes lives.

Carmen Rocha dies at 77; waitress credited with introducing L.A. to nachos [LA Times]

link via Maidelitala’s boyfriend
Photo: LA Times

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  • BS October 21, 2008  

    I wonder if that full tray of margs had anything to do with inventing such a crazy successful snack

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