Coal-Fired Pizza and Homemade Bombs

Hey ES-ers! I’m sure you have noticed (um…hopefully some of you have noticed) that your esteemed editor hasn’t been posting here much the past two weeks. I’ve been busy launching Narratively, a new digital publication devoted to original, in-depth non-fiction stories about New York City (and soon—other places, too!)

I’ll be back to ranting about bacon soon, I promise. For now: please check out today’s food-centric Narratively story, which stems from one writer’s obsession with a local pizzeria in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and follows the owner’s insane story, from West Virginia to Rikers.

Read: Who is Roger Fischer? From Berkeley Springs to Brooklyn, a tale of homemade bombs and coal-fired pizza.

Hott Link: Food Trucks 2.0

Back in 2008, I wrote a trend piece about food trucks going gourmet. Wonder if that ever caught on? J/K.

I know we have all heard enough about food trucks—but here’s one more aspect I’m loving. When I was out in Portland, I paid for my squid sandwiches and blue cheese breakfasts without even taking out my wallet. I also recently helped new tech publication iQ produce this series on food trucks that are going more high-tech than ever. Check out the link or watch the vids below.

Part 2 and 3 after the j.

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Ha-peep Easter

Woo-hoo! It’s once again time for the only contest that combines candy, dioramas and extreme political dorkiness. Yep, The Washington Post’s Peep Show, aka our favorite thing ever.

Check out this year’s increasingly outrageous peep productions: Peep Show VI

Peep-stuffed Easter egg jello shots
Peeps Gone Wild!

Oh yeah, and happy Passover!

Cheating on ES

What the Endless Simmer crew has been up to when we’re not simmering…

– As many of you know, gansie, our Founding Editor (new title alert!) has left ES to pursue a full-time role as the Dining Editor at Northern Virginia magazine. In addition to incognito eating and getting on the What I Do meme (see above), her first Cheap Eats issue is on newsstands now, and she blogs regularly at Gut Check.

BS is penning a new weekly restaurant column for Brooklyn Based, has recently written about Tanzania and France for The New York Times, and has been kind enough to drink his way through Oakland and D.C. for Draft Magazine.

– When not becoming a Hated Internet Personality by rapping about the Windows Phone, our own Emily also blogs over at her personal site, emilyteachout.

Russell Warnick blogs about the Washington, D.C. restaurant scene for City Eats. Check out which restaurants have given his credit card the biggest workout lately.

Roo de Loo has recently profiled Southern pit masters for GO Magazine, Southern Wine & Spirits honcho Lee Schrager for Passport, and (tough life) travel to Aruba for Edge.

Miss K shares a recipe for homemade Play Dough (that’s edible, right?) over at Diary of a Nearly New Mom, and has more art/eating news at The Artful Parent.

– You can find more of Jessica‘s recipes at Feastie.comtomato soup with broiled goat cheese toast — yes, please.

– And don’t miss bakersroyale‘s constant sugar fix over at her own site…Bakers Royale.

P is for Pig Poppers

Earlier this fall, we told you about the newest deep-fried wonders at this year’s state fairs.

Now that the fried-iest of fried food festivals is well under way, Kat Robinson at Tie Dye Travels has put together a pretty amazing Guide to Texas State Fair Food, from A-Z.

D is for Deep Fried Biscuits and Gravy, S is for Sweet Jalapeno Shrimp Corn Dogs, etc…Basically, this one’s a can’t-miss for proud American eaters.

Check it out in all its glory: Guide to the Texas State Fair Food, from A-Z

Plate It or Hate It

Recent food world discoveries the ES crew is loving and hating…

Plate It: Grapesicles

Frozen grapes on a stick. The most perfectly simple summer cooler ever. Bonus points for the bed of frozen melon balls.  (Little Ladies Who Lunch, via fuck yeah my health).

Hate It: Cake Pops

We’re all about cute, but there’s just no need. Why would anyone take a tender cake and turn it into a round mass of gumminess? Then take that disgusting bit and dip it in candy melts? Candy melts are about as tasty as candle wax. Please, just let us eat cake.  (Photo: Mimsen)

Plate It: Food Duels


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