Things Even America Really Shouldn’t Have Invented


Maidelitala sent this one along and I just had to share. Yes, it’s the latest product for those of you who always wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but haven’t figured out how to use your opposable thumbs to open that gosh darn jar.

Pre-sliced, individually packaged peanut butter.

I would link to the company’s site, but I think they deserve no promotion, only derision.

via: Thursday Night Smackdown.

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  • Maidelitala October 2, 2008  

    Peanut-rubber: what I always wanted my mama to pack in my lunches.

  • JoeHoya October 2, 2008  

    Looks like we’ve got the good folks at Oklahoma State University to thank for this crime against man and nature:

    Go State!

  • michelle @ TNS October 2, 2008  

    i have no love lost for the PB slice – after all, i posted it as a “what the fuck?” but the amount of vitriol directed toward it makes me feel almost sorry for it.

    okay, not really. it’s still fucking disgusting.

  • Jon October 2, 2008  

    This brings america one step closer to futuristic food pills.

    USA! USA! USA!

  • Clayton October 2, 2008  

    You gotta be kidding me. Please, for the love of all thats holy, tell me this is a joke…

    I can tell its not, but if I hope long enough maybe it will come true!

  • missginsu October 2, 2008  

    Clayton: It may not be an *intentional* joke, and yet…

  • JoeHoya October 2, 2008  

    Having gotten over my initial revulsion to the very concept, two things strike me as problematic:

    1. Creamy peanut butter should be soft and spreadable. If it is, good luck getting it out of that plastic wrap. If it’s not, then I suspect the texture will be a significant turn-off.

    2. That’s WAY less peanut butter than I like on my PB&J…I would need two or three slices to make a decent sandwich.

  • Ken October 2, 2008  

    Perhaps these PB slices are more resistant to spoilage. Or I guess they could be useful on a long nature hike.

  • Maidelitala October 3, 2008  

    they probably are a nonperishable item… then again so is rubber, still wouldn’t want to chew on it

  • FELL April 21, 2010  


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