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Blame Oklahoma???

– DAD Gansie has the final word on  the Pringles Scandal: Chips Are good. I like the baked lays with ridges. Mom Gansie Likes herrs too.

Totally random commenter wants to remind you that today is your last chance to enter the Pine Nut Contest:  this pine nut contest rules! i love pine nuts!

– The verdict is in on pre-packaged peanut butter slices, and simmer-ers are not happy.

Clayton: Please, for the love of all that is holy, tell me this is a joke.

Jon: This brings America one step closer to futuristic food pils. USA! USA! USA!

And you can trust JoeHoya will track evil down to its source:

Looks like we’ve got the good folks at Oklahoma State University to thank for this crime against man and nature. Go State!

JH even attracted the attention of Thursday Night Smackdown, who originally discovered this unwanted invention:

Thanks, intrepid commenter at Endless Simmer, for doing the leg work and helping us focus our hate.  This is what they’re teaching college students in Oklahoma to do.  I call for an immediate freeze on federal monies to all Oklahoma higher education facilities until we can have a little talk about this. Fucking Okies.

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  • Liza October 3, 2008  

    wow I am pissed about the last comment, first for the “fucking okies” comment – have you ever been to Oklahoma? I actually grew up in a city, much bigger than most of the people I know, and it was in Oklahoma – it’s called Tulsa bitches! Second just FUCK OFF you ignorant prick

  • 80 Proof October 7, 2008  

    Q: Why doesn’t Texas fall into Mexico?

    A: Because Oklahoma sucks.

    I kid I kid.

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