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– Everyone is coming to Liza’s rescue in her doctoral dilemma. Gotta love the advice from EvoDiva: For my comprehensive oral exam (to become a PhD candidate) I went with the “impress-them-with-your-cleverness-then- put-them-in-a-sugar-coma-so-they-stop- asking-questions” route. Since I use fish to study evolution, I brought in Swedish fish (yep, the red candies!) and sugar cookies in the shapes of different fishes (fish cookie cutters from ebay!). I don’t know if my committee members were thrilled with the snacks, but I passed my exam!

and RubyGirl got creative: Trail Mix individually wrapped in re-cycled computer paper….tied with raffia or some sort of string material. The wrapping paper could have math formulas/or something that has to do with your thesis printed on it ??…..I may be from an older generation but “real men don’t each quiche” always comes to mind when I think of this dish….more of a ladies luncheon item in my mind.

What do the rest of you think of quiche? Are men ready for it yet, or still no? Can’t wait to see what you make, Liza!

– Olive juice is the new everything. My confession got you guys spurting the ideas:

Liz: I use pickle and/or olive juice as a base to marinate flank or skirt steak. I usually throw some other spices in (different every time) and it is great! Make the meat really tender.

gansie: i bet that would be good in hummus

Beth: It’s also good to put in a marinade for chicken. A little fresh lemon juice, parsley, garlic. Grill and top w/the olives and feta very tasty.

– I’m still blown away by how many of you are commenting on our Top Ten American Foods post. While some of you are just a teensy bit angrier than I expected (Joe: Fuck you writer, you anti-America piece of shit.) !!! The rest of you are still offering up more ideas for the best Ameri-foods:

fatso: Ketchup, baby!

johnny: Not enough here about cabbage.

while Katie offers a new claim: NO NO NO NO NO.
American’s DID NOT even the corndog.
Canadian’s invented it, and it’s called a damn POGO.

Have not heard that one before. Can anyone back up this new territorial claim by the Canucks?

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  • MissGinsu August 8, 2008  

    Seriously? Real men don’t eat quiche? I feed my guy and his fellow mixed martial arts / Brazilian jiu-jitsu players quiche pretty regularly, and I don’t know anyone who would question their masculinity. They’re kind of the epitome of classic masculinity, actually.

  • gansie August 8, 2008  

    don’t even get me started

  • MaverickKK September 19, 2008  


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