It’s Freaky Being Green


As gansie so helpfully pointed out last week, shopping at the Park Slope Food Co-op has significantly upped my food snobbishness quotient. I’ve given up the sharp cheddar for the Spanish goat cheese, cook with all kinds of crazy meats, and of course eat veggies that are organic, local, carbon-neutral, etc, etc…

But it still makes me feel kind of stupid, because half the time in the produce aisle I don’t know WTF I’m buying. Sometimes a random grab of something weird-looking turns out to be monstrously delicious, while other times the seemingly simplest purchases blow up in my face.

Case in point: Last week I brought a quite nice-looking yellow squash. Or so I thought….

When I cut it open to sautee it up, I was shocked to find the inside was tinted green. While it looked like a normal yellow squash on the outside, the inside looked more like a cucumber, and tasted more like a cucumber than a squash, too.

It still worked well sauteed up and added to pasta, but it completely freaked me out. What the hell is going on here? Is this a strain of squash I’m unfamiliar with? Do cucumbers come in yellow now? Or did a cucumber get too close to the squash plants and produce an illegitimate child? I can’t find anything around the web about cuke-squashes so I thought I would throw it out there. Anyone know what the eff is going on here?

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