It’s Actually Not a Soup


Thank you for your suggestions on what to do with my crazy blended vegetable concoction.   But like a true blogger, I really didn’t listen.

Chickpeas and Serrano Spiked Blended Vegetables

Toast a handful of pine nuts.  When starting to brown, set aside.  Warm up the sauce in that same pan.  In another pan, warm through chickpeas and precooked bulgur wheat.  When everything is warmed up, spoon sauce on plate.  Top with chickpeas, bulgur wheat and pine nuts.  Or if you don’t care about presentation, throw everything together and heat up.  Blogging means extra pans and plates, unfortunately.

If your coworker happened to give you a fabulous sack of homegrown tomatoes (thank you Edy!) then top the dish with raw chunks of tomato (sprinkled with kosher salt.)


If you hate tomato, skip that step.

Oh, and not that I even know what this does for my body, nor what it really tastes like, but you can sprinkle nutritional yeast over the chickpeas. I’m trying to find more uses for the yeast.  Although my two nut. yeast experts — Maidelitala and Elizabeth — claim you can’t mix it with yogurt.  We’ll see.

Tag clarification
So this is not Indian, I know. But with the slight heat and chickpeas and cumin and yogurt, 80 and I felt like it had an Indian flare and texture.

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  • BS September 25, 2008  

    I’m so glad you’re fully on the pine nut bandwagon! good usage.

  • gansie September 25, 2008  

    i even snacked on them while the sauce and chickpeas were heating up.

  • dad gansie September 26, 2008  

    gansie: looks neat…what else is new about not listening..for us meat people some hamburger or other stuff might be nice

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