Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: Admit It, Jamie, You Think We’re All Fat Rubes


The latest and greatest news about celebrity chefs, served up buffet style.

– The first episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution featured his efforts to help the good people of West Virginia overcome their unhealthy eating habits.  While commendable, the best part is clearly the uncomfortable confrontation between Jamie and the lunch ladies.

– Gordo’s lesson at the L.A. Marathon:  the ability to berate trainees and turn out a beautiful sole meunière is no match for a severe muscle cramp.

After the jump…the unfortunately byproduct of having a shitty rocker as a husband, cements its reputation as “sorely under-appreciated,” and Foursquare gets personal.

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Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: Gordo Gets Animated


The latest and greatest news about celebrity chefs, served up conveniently buffet style.

– There is going to be a Gordon Ramsay stop-motion animated series.  Why?  Because even Fox reality show producers aren’t over-the-top enough to insert cartoon sound effects when he starts hurling cookware.

Guy Fieri is marketing a line of knives called “Knuckle Sandwich.”  Take a moment and think about what they might look like.  Now go check them out.  Yep, even douchier than you imagined.

After the jump:  the year of the culinary blockbuster films continue, Tyra goes crazy(-ier) for truck food and Disney brings in the foodies.

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Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: Stems and All


I think I was inspired by gansie’s recent attempt at eating down the fridge to exercise a bit of frugality of my own the other night.  Or maybe it was just an empty stomach and a lack of hot sausage that made me reconsider something that usually is bound for the garbage.

Monday night was pasta night in the TVFF household and the dish this week was orecchiette and broccoli rabe with olive oil and toasted garlic.  Typically, that dish gets some crumbled Italian sausage to make it more substantive, but I found myself without.  And so I turned to the lonely broccoli rabe stems, which I usually lop off and toss in the trash.

It took a bit of time and some tedious peeling, but what was left was the size and consistency of tender asparagus.  I gave them an extra minute’s blanche and then threw them in with the florets and leaves, providing a slight crunch and a fuller meal.  The net result was a very tasty dish and a guilty conscience about usually discarding a perfectly edible item.

So…any great, thrifty hints that can save you a buck and make better use of the ingredients in your kitchen?  Share your frugal secrets in the comments.

Nothing ever goes to waste in the smörgåsbord!

–  After the past week, I have newfound culinary respect for the President–despite my previous reservations.  I had my first Five Guys experience (great burgers, even though they don’t serve medium or rare) and now the prez is grillin’ and chillin’ with Bobby Flay.

– Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali talk Italian food in Aspen.  The YumSugar folks list some of the advice that they provided, although we suggest you avoid adopting Mario’s unconventional hair-care technique.

After the jump: free investment advice (which is worth every penny you paid for it), your last chance at fame and fortune (yeah, good luck with that) and Gordo runs afoul of of the bobby while pushing his pram and driving his lorry (insert additional British slang here).

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Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: But She Has Sassy Bangs!


Hey, Food Network!  What the hell are you doing?

Far be it from me to tell you how to do your job, but I’m starting to think you blew it with the first episode of The Next Food Network Star.  Did you really start off the season by eliminating the cute, perky blond who identified herself as “Housewife 2.0?”  She appeals to both the guys and the girls!  I just don’t think you have the right mindset.  And by “mindset,” I mean the typical reality show producer technique of keeping contestants around solely because they appeal to the audience and make for plenty of news coverage.  In other words, the reason they kept that marginally-talented Susan Boyle on that British show for so long.  (ZING!)

In other news, we’re running another contest here at Endless Simmer.  Just give us your “last meal on Earth” and you can score some bad-ass Top Chef gear.  I know what you’re thinking…”another contest?!?”  It’s all part of our master plan to run as many contests as your local top-40 radio station. Be sure to stop back next week to nab some tix to the monster truck rally.

Shall we smörg?

A look at the folks on the upcoming Top Chef Masters: Slashfood thinks Kelly Choi could be “the new Padma” and Eat Me Daily wonders who the hell Jay Rayner is (other than an extra from Pirates of the Caribbean, by the looks of it.)

Gordon Ramsay finds out the hard way that Australian women don’t like to be called “pigs.”  Who knew?

Post-jump goodness:  a video podcast worth checking out, some gratuitous meat (and a burger, too) and a new way to get your gambling fix.

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Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: On the Wings of Love


I’m not a complicated man.  I’ve discussed many of my food weaknesses here on the site.  For the most part, they’ve been very specific…a particular dish from a particular restaurant or a traditional recipe made in an exact way.  But there is a more generic food item that gets me salivating like Pavlov’s Pup as soon as I hear the words.

Buffalo wings.

Dangle the possibility of deep fried chicken wings tossed in hot sauce (side of blue cheese dressing, please), and I’ll pretty much travel to the ends of the earth.  Funny…the one place I don’t travel is the owl-mascotted restaurant chain that’s located less than a mile from my house, because Mrs. TVFF doesn’t look kindly on that establishment.  Anywhere else buffalo wings appear is a place I’m going.

So when my Twitter reader started BINGing with a tweet from the local bar McGillin’s Olde Ale House — plenty of atmosphere, good food and great local microbrews — mentioning a special offer of $.25 wings, I knew what I’d be doing that evening.  McGillin’s may be the oldest continuously operating tavern in Philly (since 1860), but they’re au courant with a Twitter account.  Wings, twitter – you got my number, McGillin’s.

OK, enough e-drool. On to the smörg…

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Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: Stop the British Judge Trend Before It’s Too Late!


How are you going to spend your tax refund?  You know…that money that you overpaid in taxes but which you act like comes from hitting the pick-three lotto.  It’s amazing how eager we are to blow it on luxury items when we get it on April 15th, but which we’d otherwise put away into investments if we received it every other week.  Of course, these days, I suppose it’s less about “luxury items” and more about “mortgage payments and food.”

Times are tough, but you still need to splurge sometimes.  This week, don’t feel bad about buying yourself some Fancy Feast for tonight’s dinner! On with the Smörg…

– Gee, Top Chef Masters looks like a pretty classy operation.  You know what it needs?  A British judge.  Kill me now.

– “Hot” off his stint on the short-lived Chopping Block, Marco Pierre White will be cruising the world and showing tourists how to cook.  For the traveler who likes to mix in some verbal abuse with his rest and relaxation.

– Mark Bittman rails against…well…the concept of edited cooking shows, I think.  At least Bourdain narrows down his scorn to Rachael Ray or Sandra Lee.  Focus, man, focus!

After the jump:  Masochism…or a reasonable reaction to Gordon Ramsay? And Padma Laskhmi without any clothes (no, really!)

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