Meatless Mondays Mantra


I’m a fairly lazy person. I hate working out. I’m never on-the-go. I sometimes even like to sit while I cook. Well, there’s one challenge that I’m up for: Eating Down the Fridge.

WaPo food blogger Kim O’Donnel is forcing us to face our massive pantries and ice boxes and actually eat what’s already in our kitchen. She rounded up foodies from across the country to take part in not buying any food for a week, making do with what’s on hand. It’s an exercise in economic and culinary restraint. Actually, in culinary creativity – you can’t run out and buy that avocado, you have to figure out what to use instead.

She asked me to guest blog in her virtual space, A Mighty Appetite. Here’s my contribution to Eating Down the Fridge.

Emptying the Fridge on Meatless Monday [WaPo, A Mighty Appetite]

Oh, and the Meatless Monday reference – KOD advocates for one meatless day of the week. I’m in agreement.

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12 thoughts on “Meatless Mondays Mantra

  1. Very cool. What about my weekly CSA (since it’s already paid for and I have to pick it up weekly)? If I can still use that, I’m down – there is too much crap in my freezer that needs to be eaten.
    Also, I’m down for Meatless Mondays, though I’ve been eating much less meat lately anyways.

  2. We’ve been eating down the contents of our freezer over the course of the past month, going out of our way to match up our recipe books with the various meats we’ve had in the freezer for a while.

    Last night we totally scored with a recipe for braised short ribs from Tom Colicchio’s Think Like a Chef. Definitely going to have to pick up shortribs at the farmers’ market again for this recipe…it was surprisingly easy.

  3. I’m glad I pushed that pattypan on you…. Looks beautiful.

  4. I do this all the time… but i call it “don’t go to the store for another week ’cause you know you have perfectly good food (that you don’t want to eat and that’s why it’s still there) in the fridge”


  5. Meatless Mondays are a great way to save money as it is, so Eating Down the Fridge on top of it is really an economical choice! Not only are meatless meals more affordable, they’re also great for your health. Skipping meat just one day a week reduces your saturated fat intake by 15%, reducing your risk for preventable illnesses like stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

    That’s what the Meatless Monday campaign is all about! For more information behind the movement and delicious, healthy recipes please take a moment to visit our website!

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