Endless Beers: Top 10 “Winter Rarities”

What’s a “Winter Rarity?” Well, you know those “seasonals” you like so much? Yes, they are great…but odds are they will be around next year as well. How about the ones that won’t be around? THOSE are winter rarities. The special treats that breweries bless us with once a year—only during that year. Next year, they’ll have at it with a tweak. I won’t waste my breath, but here’s one simple tip. These rarities are meant to be enjoyed, but not all at once. Save at least six and compare with the next year…and the next…and the next. Within six years, you’ll have six beers to compare against each other. Anyway…here it is.

10. Bell’s Black Note Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout (2013)


ABV: 11.5%

Bell’s brewery decided to combine the Exhibition Stout with the Double Cream Stout. The result is a delicious beverage filled with malty flavors of chocolate, coffee, and even some fruity flavors. As you can imagine, this is not for the faint-hearted. OH—did you noticed the whole “aged in Bourbon Barrels” thing? Yup. Find one…if you’re lucky.


9. Weyerbacher’s Althea (2013)


ABV: 7.7%

With visions of the occasional sugar plum still dancing in your head, you’ll enjoy this brew. This is a dubbel style beer with notes of fruits coming through. Weyerbacher brewed this beer to raise Breast Cancer Awareness and donated one dollar per bottle to the cause.


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Endless Beers: Stone Southern Charred


ABV: 12.6%

“A bastard has been set free and it’s out to make a mockery of you.” Yes, that is the warning that Stone Brewing Co. released to all citizens willing to try the new release: Southern Charred. As of November 4, Southern Charred will be available to all members of the free world willing to take on the challenge of a mockery.  This ale is a barrel-aged version of a the Double Bastard Ale offered by stone. Southern charred was aged for 10 months in charred Kentucky bourbon and American oak barrels in order to provide what Stone claims to be “intense smoke and vanilla flavors.”

You may be wondering—why charred barrels? What’s the point? Well, think about it…If you aren’t there yet— smoke. This brew has a lot of characteristics of a porter. The charred barrels provide a smoky flavor to the beer that complements the porter characteristics. In fact, the smoky flavor enhances the typical double bastard flavor without overcoming the profile of the beer. With a high ABV of 12.6 %, be prepared to either share, or set aside about an hour for “relaxation time.” Tasting notes followed by the suggested pairings.

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A Beautiful Exchange…of Brews


In your workplace, you may hear whispers about a “pick up time” or a special meeting place. Perhaps you heard one of your co-workers say “just put it in a black garbage bag, but be discrete about it.” You’re wondering to yourself if this is something you would want to be part of or if you should be happy that you don’t have whatever burden it is on your shoulders. Regardless–you want to know. Well, you are witnessing the inner workings of the underground: a beer exchange.

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Endless Beers: PUNKIN Pie Beer Cocktail

09 12 13_0938_edited-1

RELAX. I realize that many are still upset about the end of summer, and saying goodbye to their summer brews. But frankly, I’m sick and tired of hearing people complain about pumpkin being out too early. We are nearly halfway through September and it’s time to embrace it. So why not embrace it with…BEER!

As you know, there are many pumpkin beers to choose from. To kick off the summer beer season, why not celebrate with something new? This weekend, our friend told us about a “pumpkin pie” beer cocktail.

It’s pretty much just a garnish, but it does change the flavor of the beer. Here it is: syrup (maple) and brown sugar. Where? Around the rim.

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Endless Beers: Anchor Brewing’s Big Leaf Maple

09 05 13_0907

Like it or not, the fall season is upon us. Football season started, nights are cool enough to open the windows, and pumpkin is taking over the world. But wait– there’s another seasonal beer available to us aside from all those pumpkins! Anchor Brewing presents the “Big Leaf Maple.”

Anchor explains: The Big Leaf Maple is a quaffable, well-balanced red ale with character.  Its malty complexity and coppery color come from a combination of two caramel malts, pale malt, and a hint of maple syrup. 

Here we go!

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Burns My Bacon: Big Beer Marketing

They’re at it again. I thought our expose on the punch top can was a good start. Maybe the top ten reasons to drink craft beer even better. But big beer can’t help itself. Pouring thousands upon thousands of dollars into marketing rather than a better product, big beer is intent on changing the way we drink. Through the packaging. #fail #sadface #dumb



On my way to the shore this weekend, I noticed two new beer billboards. The first highlighted Miller Light’s brand spankin’ new bottle design. AWESOME. Can’t wait to get my hands on that new bottle and taste feel the new great flavor “touch” that Miller has come up with. See what I did there? If not, let me clarify—Miller isn’t even comfortable enough to claim that they’ve improved their taste. They are just trying to lure you in with gimmick ads and packaging that in no way make the product any better. But they aren’t responsible for the most embarrassing new gimmick. That title belongs to “The King of Beers.”

Look at those curves…


Yes, Budweiser decided to up the ante.  Screw the blue mountains—they’re going to turn the can into a bowtie. Now, crushing a can will be even easier. Why improve the taste of piss, when all the people are expecting is…piss? …OH, did I mention that there is slightly less beer in this can? (Don’t tell anyone!)

Too Wild to Live, Too Rare to Die: The Belgian Devil

08 14 13_0887_edited-1

Sure, your go-to flagship brew is great. Something that you know you’ll enjoy every time. We all have our go-to seasonals that we  stock up on as the season approaches as well. But what about the rarities? What about those limited releases that come and go before you blink an eye? Are they worth it?

Flying Dog Brewery releases their “Brew House Rarities” once a month for a limited time. Even more limited is the release of bottles. All but a select few are released on draft. Lucky for you (and me), I was lucky enough to get my hands on their August Rarity:The Belgian Devil. Let’s begin.

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