Hot Dogs Gone Wild! Top 10 Fixin’s for Your Hot Dog

With the Fourth of July ahead, and at least one package of hot dogs sitting in your freezer or fridge, it”s time to start thinking about your cook-out. Whether it”s you alone or at your jam-packed amazing and mega-impressive/amazeballs party, it”s time to think about spicing up your wieners. For you (and only you), I”ve done my research on the craziest and tastiest varieties of fixin”s for your dog. Choose on and serve, or create a twisted hot dog bar.  Then impress. Here we go…

10. Bacon Wrapped (and Stuffed)


Bacon is one of the few foods that I believe goes well with everything. Bacon makes all things better. Now, combine it with one of America”s favorite foods, by topping it and stuffing it with bacon. Add cheese and sauerkraut with your typical condiments. Bacon inspires all.

Recipe: Simply Recipes

9. Columbian


I”ve put potato chips on sandwiches, burgers, but never thought to put them on a hot dog already topped with slaw and sauces. Some believe that there is such a thing as too many condiments, or strictly using mustard and only that. It looks like the Columbian may change their minds.

Recipe: My Columbian Recipes

8. Mexican


Pineapple is one thing I never thought of topping my wiener with. But along with chipotle sauce, sweet and spicy sounds good. A couple of jalapenos add a nice kick.

Recipe: Homesick Texan

7. Soprano


This dog actually has an unfair advantage. Maui”s Dog Shack is located in Wildwood, New Jersey and I”ve ate at the shack a couple of times now. The dogs are made by hand. Only the best meats and casing make for a hot dog that snaps for every bite you take. But there”s more. You can have a dog that isn”t soaked in condiments that tastes just as good, if not, better. All The BetsBets are placed directly on the roulette casino table, which has squares numbered from 0 to 36 (the inside bets) plus some other special squares (the outside bets). that is on this dog is baby spinach, garlic, white wine, and extra sharp provolone. Simple, yet tasty.

Recipe: Jersey Bites

6. Pineapple-Mango Salsa


This would make for a good addition to the hot dog bar. Simple pineapple-mango salsa. For those people that really don”t like to get soggy buns – this is the answer.

Recipe: Inside Bru Crew Life

5. Spiral Cut


If you are going to offer a crazy hot dog fixin to your guests (or yourself), you may as well cook it the right way. Spiral cut the dog for maximum caramelization and space for fixin”s. Chili, slaw, buffalo sauce – you name it.  I put french dressing and diced oninons on these weinies.

Recipe: Endless Simmer 

4. Cincinnati Cheese Coney: 


Cheese. Coney Chili. Can”t really describe this until you try it yourself – but it is one of a kind.

Recipe: Amazing Ribs

3. Mac & Cheese, Truffle Oil, and Bacon 


Again – a great addition to your Fourth of July hot dog bar. Use a stronger bun, a homemade creamy mac and cheese and crispy bacon. Also known as the straight-up heart attack.

Recipe: Eating WDW

2. West Virginia Slaw Dog

wvhot dog chili recipe

More slaw, and more chili. Creamy slaw, savory chili, and then a tasty hot dog all held in a sturdy bun. Chili dogs are great, but after looking at all of these weiners, turns out that plain old chili dogs are just plain boring.

Recipe: Fat Back and Foiegras

1. Buffalo

Buffalo Hot Dogs 2 Noble Pig

Last but not least – the buffalo dog. Hot sauce and blue cheese apparently are no longer exclusive with the chicken wing. Add in a special, gourmet mayo, and you are sent. I think I”d still like the cup of blue cheese dressing to dip the hot dog into. Spicy weinies.

Recipe: Noble Pig

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  • Woah. Just, woah. These are all amazing.

  • Christina July 3, 2013  

    I recently discovered that hot dogs topped with pickled ginger, sesame-soy cucumber salad (with the cucumber cut into half moons), and sriracha is amazing. It’s my new favorite. I’ve also tried just the pickled ginger and wasabi sauce and that’s pretty darn good, too.

  • Kent Bedoya July 2, 2015  

    umm its colombia not columbia

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