Top 5 Halloween Pinterest Recipes

Finally, Halloween is here! We’ve spent weeks dreaming about candy, cocktails, and all sorts of festive party snacks, but you know how it goes… the day hits and you realize you’re one recipe short, or you get invited to a last-minute shindig… never fear, we’ve got you covered. ES has been compiling the best, weirdest, and funniest Halloween ideas on our Endless Halloween Pinboard. Here are the top five most repinned discoveries we’ve posted (not counting our own amazing ideas and creations, which you can find collected here!).

5. Halloween Candy Bark
From Annie’s Eats

Butterfingers, Reeses Cups, M&Ms, honey-roasted peanuts, and toffee candy paired with both bittersweet and white chocolate? Sounds like a recipe for a massive amount of cavities… and a massive amount of Halloween happiness. Also good for post-Halloween when you need to use up all that leftover trick-or-treat candy.

4. White Chocolate Bones
From Inspire Co. / Spoonful

Here’s one that’s perfect for all the last-minute lazybones. (Get it? Sorry.) With only three ingredients, these bones manage to be sweet, salty, crunchy, and pretty cool looking.

3. Pretzel Spiderwebs
From Mom Endeavors

Well, our number three most popular pinned item also goes to pretzels plus white chocolate. You guys like what you like. (And admittedly it is delicious!) This crafty recipe uses the chocolate and pretzels to make a spiderweb, and raisins to make spiders.

2. Candy Corn Cheesecake
From Munchkin Munchies

Cheesecake? Good. Candy corn? Good. Together? Good! Weirdly, no candy corn is actually used in the creation of this cheesecake, though. It’s just carefully plotted food coloring. Maybe better for those of you who don’t love candy corn itself.

1. Pigs-n-a-Blanket Mummies
From Our Best Bites

Man, Pinterest is going wild for these ultra-simple appetizers. Crescent dough for the wrapping, hot dogs or sausages for the bodies, leave a few “cracks” between the bandages and there you have it. Oh, and a couple dots of mustard for eyes, of course.

Okay, we’ve toiled away all October; our work here is done. We’re gonna go pop in our DVD of Scream¬†and gorge ourselves on mini Reeses Cups and pumpkin beer. Whether you’re tricking or treating, please be (relatively) safe tonight, y’all. Happy Halloween!

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