Attack of the Meme: Ryan Gosling is a Farmers Market-Loving Feminist

Ryan Gosling is a feminist, well, on Tumblr that is. On Feminist Ryan Gosling, the adorably scruffy actor weaves together gender studies, Cocoa Puffs, pizza and tacky come-ons in this brainy, funny and drool-worthy satirical look at a hunk that loves feminist theory.

(Photo: Feminist Ryan Gosling)

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  • TachileikCity August 11, 2015  

    OH. MY. GOSH! I’m dying!! This is probably my faviorte RG meme EH-VER! lol Giggled my way through each one! Can’t wait to see you!! I sent you a DM the other day, so get back to me when you have a chance!!! Can’t wait to see you F2F

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