Attack of the Meme: Me Want Cookies

You can call me a creepy old man, or you can call me plain weird, but I still think there’s just about nothing funnier than Cookie Monster. I mean, he eats cookies, he eats them hilariously fast, and he yells about it. How do you beat that?

He’s also officially a meme.

 10. #Occupy Sesame Street

(Via: Truth is Treason)

 9. Red Rum! (And Cookies)

(Via: Foto Log)

8. A Nerd Joke

(Via: Gegen Den Strich)

7. That Always Frustrated Me, Too

(Via: Amazonaws)

6. On the Michelle Obama Diet

(Via: Thing That Bang)

 5. Is Monsterpiece Theatre Still On?

(Via: Skyloh)

4. Brokeback Cookie Monster

(Via: Rolfrazzi)

3. The Perfect Facebook Retort

(Via: Robbie P.)

2. Digestion Problem Monster

(Via: King Hollywood)

1. Da’ C.O.O.K.I.E.

(Via: Wildly Generic)

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