If Women Ruled the Kitchen


I don’t know why Eve was blamed for the sins of the world. I don’t know why Mary couldn’t fuck to create her own son. And I don’t know why the Japanese wouldn’t allow women to brew sake.

I do know, however, that when a woman is granted permission to make sake it can taste light and sweet and refreshing.

Thank you Zentan, for inviting me to dinner and showing off the Ichishima Family (circa 1790) sake, Karen “Coy.”

photo credit: Niigata Sake Selections

Pork and Nail Polish


I stopped the paper trail. When I lazily let my Gourmet subscription expire, I also stopped receiving Bon Appetit. Coincidentally, my dad stopped getting Cooking Light. I went from getting at most four magazines (Cook’s Illustrated expired just previously) down to tired zeros.

I realized that tired wasn’t an issue though. There was no way every month that I could flip through 4 mags. I saved the mags that were never opened. And now I have a pretty clear collection of just-old publications to scroll through. I forgot how much fun it is to flip through pages of carefully worded articles and recipes.

Blogs are pretty perfect. Perfect for their searchability. Perfect for their brevity. Not perfect, however, in the physicality. Which is why in this drunken typing state I present to you: an ad that is geared to women, possibly  a sexist ad, but that I don’t care because I love nail polish that much.I’ll also see it a real live and flesh magazine. Crap. Not making sense. Sorry.

I miss magazines.

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